Ethical Charter


Any company or industry organization in the floral or produce industry can endorse the Charter.

IFPA seeks wide participation from every segment of the fresh produce and floral supply chain – including growers, shippers, fresh-cut processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, foodservice operators, industry suppliers and allied associations.

Endorsing the Charter publicly demonstrates a commitment to workplace safety, respect for worker dignity, compliance with all applicable legal requirements and a commitment to building coordinated action across the industry on responsible labor practices.

To become an endorser, a member of the leadership team commits in writing to:

  1. Encourage use of the principles contained in the Charter to promote responsible labor practices.
  2. Use the Charter to inform supply chain management standards and practices.
  3. Promote industry-wide awareness and understanding of the importance of supporting responsible labor practices throughout the supply chain.
  4. Harmonize supply chain monitoring mechanisms through recognition and acceptance of audits using the principles contained in the Charter, to help minimize the number of audits that farms and suppliers must undergo to demonstrate compliance.
  5. Conduct ongoing dialogue with relevant stakeholders to support compliance with the standards throughout the industry.

A company should submit its commitment to these principles on company letterhead and email the letter to Tamara Muruetagoiena at

Join us by becoming a Charter Endorser. Information about becoming a Charter Endorser is also available in Spanish. Read our FAQ to learn more.

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Tamara Muruetagoiena



Current endorsers cut across the industry, and include growers, labor agencies, packers, distributors, foodservice operators, marketers and retailers:

4Earth Farms
A & A Dasso Farms, Inc.
A. Duda & Sons, Inc.
A.V. Thomas Produce
ACMPC California 3, LLC dba Legacy Packing & Shipping Co
AeroFarms LLC
Agricola Don Ricardo SAC
Agricola Las Marias
Agricola Miranda SAC
Agricola Pampa Baja S.A.C
Agricola Sicor S.A.
Agroindustrial Estanislao del Chimu S.A.C.
Agrovision Peru SAC
Albertsons Companies
Alderman Farms Sales Corp
Alex Kontons Fruit Company
Allfresch Group Ltd.
Alliance International
Altar Produce, LLC
Always Fresh Farms, LLC
AM Fresh North America
Amazon Produce Network
American Blueberries of North Carolina, LLC
Andean Sun Produce LLC
Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce
Anthony Vineyards
Apple Wedge Packers & Cider
Astin Strawberry Exchange
Atlantic Produce Exchange, LLC
Ayco Farms, Inc.
Bagley Produce Co, Inc.
Bailey Farms Inc.
Baja Son Growers, LLC
Baker Farms
Bard Valley Date Growers Association
Basin Gold Cooperative
Bay Baby Produce, Inc,
BBI Produce, Inc.
Beachside Produce
Bee Sweet Citrus
Berry Fresh
Better Produce
BF Comercio y Exportaciones Ltda.
BJ's Produce, Inc.
Black Gold Farms
Bland Farms, LLC
Blazer Wilkinson
Blue Drop Produce
Bobalu, LLC
Bolthouse Farms
Bonita Packing dba Bonipak Produce
Booth Ranches
Borders Melons East, LLC
Boskovich Farms, Inc.
Bottomley Evergreen & Farms, Inc.
Bouquet Collection
Bowery Farming Inc.
Bowman Fruit Sales/Turkey Knob Growers
Braga Fresh Family Farms
Bright Farms
Bruce Sweet Potato, Inc.
Burch Equipment, LLC
Bushmans' Inc.
Bushwick Commission Company, Inc.
C & B Farms
C & D Internacional
California Giant Berry Farms
Campos del Sur S.A.
Can-Am Pepper Company Ltd.
Capespan North America
Capespan South Africa
Casa Sanchez Foods
Castellini Group of Companies
CDS Distributing Inc.
Cece’s Veggie Co.
Central West Produce
Champs Fresh Farms, Inc.
Chanitos International, LLC
Charme Flowers
Chelan Fresh
Chestnut Hill Farms LLC
Chisa S.A.
Choice Food of America, LLC
Christopher Ranch LLC
Church Brothers Farms
Circle C Farms, Inc.
Ciruli Brothers, LLC
Classic Harvest, LLC
Clear Springs Packing, LLC
CMI Orchards, LLC
Coast Citrus Distributors
Coast Produce Company
Coastline Family Farms
Coliman Pacific Corp.
Colimex Tropical Fruit
Colour Republic
Comarca Fresh, LLC dba GR Fresh
Compania Frutera del Norte
Complejo Agroindustrial BETA S.A.
Continental Floral Greens
Coosaw Farms
Copefrut S.A.
Corona College Heights
Corporacion Sura
Cottle Strawberry Nursery
Country Acres Cider & Produce Inc.
Country Sweet Produce, Inc.
Crown Orchard Company LLC
Crunch Pak
Curation Foods
Daesang Foods
Dalena Farms, Inc.
Dan Avila & Sons
Dan Schantz Farm and Greenhouses
Danper Trujillo SAC
Dara Marketing Co. | Bhogal Farms
David del Curto SpA
David J. Elliot & Son
Dawson's Orchards, Inc.
Dayka & Hackett, LLC
Del Monte Foods
Del Monte Fresh Produce
Delano Farms Company
DelFresco Pure
Delightful Quality Produce Company
Delipack S.A.
Delta Packing Company of Lodi, Inc.
Diamond Foods
Diazteca Company
Distribuidora Naranjito Import & Export, Corp.
DJ Forry Company
Dole Food Company
Domex Superfresh Growers
Don Ricardo
Double Date Packing, Inc.
Duke Foods
Duncan Family Farms
Eagle Eye Produce
Eagle Produce LLC, dba Martori Farms
Edible Garden AG Incorporated
El Parque
Eubanks Produce, Inc.
Exportadora BB Trading SpA.
Exportadora El Parque Peru S.A.C.
Exportadora Fruticola Del Sur SA.
Exportadora Magna Trading S.A.
Exportadora Prize S.A.
Exportadora San Clemente S.A.
Exportadora Santa Cruz
Exportadora Subsole S.A.
Exportadora y Servicios El Parque Spa
Exser Ltda.
Fagerberg Produce, Inc.
Falcon Farms, Inc.
Family Tree Farms
Farm Direct Corporation
Farm Direct Supply, LLC
Farm Fresh Direct of America
Farmers Alliance, LLC
Farmers Best International. LLC
Farming Technology, Inc.
Farm-Wey Produce, Inc.
Fifer Orchards, Inc.
First Fruits Farms
FirstFruits Marketing, LLC
Five Crowns Marketing
Flavor 1st Growers & Packers, LLC
Floral Sense, LLC
Forever Fresh LLC
Four Seasons Family of Companies
Four Star Fruit Inc.
Fowler Bros., Inc.
Frank Diehl Farms
Frank's Distributing, Inc.
Fred L. Glaize, LC
Fredericksburg Peach Company
Fresh Cravings LLC
Fresh Express
Fresh Farms
Fresh Innovations, LLC
Fresh King Inc
Freshouse, LLC
Fresh-Pro Inc.
Freshway Produce, Inc.
FreshXperts LLC
Frey Produce
Frieda's, Inc.
Frontera Produce
Fruit Growers Marketing Association
Frutas Premium S.A. de C.V.
Frutera San Fernando S.A.
Frutos La Aguada SA
Fru-Veg Marketing
Fyffes North America
G & M Farms, Inc. | Farm to Table Berries
G & R Farms
GAB Operations
Garden Fresh Gourmet
Garland Food
Gem-Pack Berries, LLC
Gems Group, Inc.
General Produce Distributors, Inc.
Genuine Georgia Group, LLC
Gestión de Exportaciones Frutícolas S.A.
Gibson Produce & Watermelon Sales, LLC
Giddings Berries Perú SAC
Giorgio Fresh Co.
Giorgio Mushroom Co.
Global Bouquet, LLC
Globalmex International, Inc.
Gold Cup Fresh
Good Foods Group, LLC
Gourmet Trading Company
Goverden U.S., Inc.
Grainger Farms, LLC
Grapeman Farms
GreenFruit Avocados
Greenyard Seald Sweet
Grower Direct Marketing, LLC
GT's Living Foods
Ham Farms
Harbinger Group, LLC
Hardie’s Fresh Foods
Harvest Fresh
Harvest Fresh Partners
Hatch Valley Produce, Inc.
HBF International
Hollar & Greene Produce
Homegrown Organic Farms
Honeybear Brands
Houweling's Group
Howell Farming Co., Inc.
Hronis Inc
Hungenberg Produce
IFCO Systems North America
Illume Agriculture, LLC
IMG Citrus, Inc.
Index Fresh, Inc.
Infinite Herbs LLC
Ingleby Farms
Inka Mikhuna
Inka's Berries S.A.C.
Intergrow Greenhouses, Inc.
Inversiones Campos Verde Del Norte S.A.
Ippolito International
Irigoyen Farms
J & B Farms
J & C Tropicals
J & D Produce, Inc.
J & J Distributing
J & J Family Farms
J.C. Watson Packing Company
J.V. Smith
Jac Vanderberg
Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt
Jana Fresh Company
JB Fruits, LLC
JBJ Distributing, Inc.
Jealous Fruits Ltd.
Jim Rash, Inc.
John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.
Juan Pagan Caraballo dba Bananera Pagan
Kapi Kapi Growers, Inc.
Karsten Marketing
Kenya Flower Council
KeyPeru S.A.
Keystone Fruit Marketing
King Fresh Produce, LLC
Kings River Packing
Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms, Inc.
Kwik Lok Corporation
L & M
L.G. Herndon Jr. Farms
La Bonanza USA, LLC
Lakeside Produce
Lakeview Farms, LLC
Lancaster Colony Corporation
Latin Specialties
Le Best Banana Supply Company, Inc.
Legend Produce
Leger and Son, Inc.
Lewis Nursery and Farms, Inc.
LGS Specialty Sales, Ltd.
Limofrut S.A.
Limones Mónica (Limonik)
Lipman Family Farms
Litehouse, Inc.
Local Bounti
Lone Star Citrus Growers
Los Angeles Salad Company
Lucky Foods
Mack Farms, Inc.
Makoto Dressing
Marengo Foods, LLC
Maria Flowers
Marvin's Produce, LLC
Mastronardi / SUNSET
Mastronardi Produce Limited
Mayer Bros. Apple Products, Inc.
McDaniel Fruit Company
MegaMex Foods, LLC
Melissa's / World Variety Produce, Inc.
Melody Farms
Melon 1
Metro Richelieu, Inc.
Miami Agro Import, Inc.
Military Produce Group
Moonlight Packing Corp.
Morada Produce Company
Mouton Citrus
Mouzin Brothers Farms
MT North America
Mucci Farms
Muir Copper Canyon Farms
Multinational Logistics Corp.
Nash Produce, LLC
Nature Fresh Farms Sales, Inc.
Nature Soy, LLC-Franklin Farms
Naturipe Farms
New Limeco, LLC
New York Apple Sales
Next Phase Enterprises, LLC
Nichols Farms
North Bay Produce
OAG Global, Inc.
Ocean Mist Farms
One Banana North America Corporation
Oneonta Trading Corporation
Onions 52, Inc.
Orange County Produce, LLC
Orange Flower Connect, Inc.
Orto Foods, Inc.
OZblu Marketing, LLC
Pacific Coast Produce
Pacific International Vegetable Marketing, Inc.
Pacific Trellis Fruit
Pandol Brothers, Inc.
Passion Growers
Pennrose Farms
Peri & Sons Farms
Pero Family Farms Food Company, LLC
Phillips Mushroom Farms
Piñales del Caribe GAC, S.A.
Pioneer Growers Cooperative
Plan Berries
Potandon Produce, LLC
Premier Melon Company, Inc.
Priagro S.A.
Prima Frutta Packing, Inc.
Prima Wawona
Primavera Marketing, Inc.
Prime Time International
Pro Citrus Network
Procacci Brothers
Procesadora Laran
Proffer Wholesale Produce
Progressive Balloons, Inc.
Progressive Produce, LLC
Pro-Health, LLC
Pure Green Farms
Pure Pacific Organics, LLC
Quail H Farms, LLC
Rainier Fruit Company
Raley’s Family of Fine Stores
Ray's Heritage
Ready Pac Foods, Inc.
Reeves Farms, LLC
Reichel Foods
Renaissance Food Group
Revol Greens
Rice Fruit Company
Richter and Company, Inc.
Rio Fresh
Riverdale Farms
Riveridge Produce Marketing, Inc.
Rivermaid Trading Company
Robinson Fresh
Rouge River Farms
Royal Vista Marketying, Inc.
RPE Produce
Russ Davis Wholesale, Inc.
Sam’s Club
SamiFruit Uruguay S.A.
San Francisco Garces Fruit
San Miguel Fruits Peru S.A.
Sanson Produce
Schoenmann Produce
SCS Global Services
Shenandoah Growers, Inc.
Shuman Farms, Inc.
SiCar Farms
Smith Packing, Inc.
South Florida Potato Growers Exchange
South Mill Mushroom, LLC
Southeastern Grocers
Southern Cross Marketing & Management
Southern Specialties
Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable, Inc.
Special Fruit and Vegetable Exports S.A | Pure Fresh, LLC
Splendid by Porvenir
Sprout House, LLC
Square One Farms
Stamoules Produce Co.
Steinbeck Country Produce
Stella Farms, LLC
Stemilt Growers, LLC
STIR Foods, LLC.
Summit Produce, Inc.
Sun Belle, Inc
Sun Fresh International
Sun Orchard, LLC
Sun Pacific Shippers
Sun World International, LLC
Sundale Vineyards
Sundia Corporation
SunFed Perfect Produce
Sunkist Growers
Sunny Valley International
Sunrise Produce, LLC
Sunset Grown
Sunset Produce, LLC
Sunshine Bouquet Company
Sunshine Export S.A.C.
SunTerra Produce Traders, Inc.
Sunview Marketing International
Super Starr International
Supreme Berry Farms, LLC
Sutton Ferneries, Inc.
T & J Produce, Inc.
Tanimura & Antle
Taylor & Fulton Packing, LLC
Taylor Farms
TerraSur Imports, Inc.
Thai AC Interfresh Co., Ltd.
The Flavor of California, LLC
The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC
The Freshwave Fruit & Produce
The Garlic Company
The Giumarra Companies
The Grower’s Company, Inc.
The HMC Group Marketing, Inc.
The Little Potato Company
The Nunes Company, Inc.
The Oppenheimer Group
The Original Kevin Guidry Produce Market, Inc.
The Wonderful Company
Titan Ag Services, Inc.
Titan Farms
To-Jo Mushrooms, Inc.
Tom Lange Family of Companies
Tomatoes of Ruskin, Inc.
Top Brass Marketing, Inc.
TOR Farms, Inc.
Tricar Sales, Inc.
Tuniche Fruits Ltda.
Twin Garden Sales, Inc.
Umina Brothers, Inc.
United Apple Sales, LLC
United Potato Growers of America
Unity Groves Corporation
Upfield N.A.
Upton's Naturals
USA Bouquet, LLC
Utopia Farms II, LLC
Utopia Packing, LLC
Van Groningen & Sons, Inc.
Varcli Pinares S.A.
VegFresh Farms, LLC
Vesta Foodservice
Village Farms Greenhouse Grown
Villita Avocados, Inc.
Wada Farms Inc., LLC
Walter P. Rawl and Sons
Warmerdam Packing, LLC
Washington Fruit Growers
Watanabe Floral, Inc.
West Pak Avocado
Western Veg-Produce, Inc.
Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA
Westfalia Fruit Peru S.A.C
Westmoreland Sales
Wholesum Family Farms, Inc.
Wiers Farm, Inc.
Wiggins Wholesale, Inc.
Wild Goose Farms
Wild River Marketing, Inc.
Willy's Fresh Salsa
Wilson Produce, LLC
Wish Farms
World Class Flowers